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Product Description The herbs in this traditional Chinese formula help promote regularity and provide gentle, effective overnight action.

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These herbs were used to help support digestive system function and to promote the body̵s normal process of detoxification. Senna is an effective stimulant laxative that promotes bowel movements.

Posted on Jan 17, · Diarrhea: Triphala is known to stimulate the walls of the intestines and has a laxative action, thereby causing diarrhea and loose motions. The main thing to remember while starting to use Triphala is start with small dosages and then progress gradually to a larger dose as the body starts getting used to it. Nu conține și. După cum arată și numele, Triphala este un amestec de trei plante care Antioxidanții pot opri stresul oxidativ care duce la riduri, pete de.

Rhubarb root and sickle-pod senna seed were considered milder stimulant laxatives that complement the effects of senna. Ginger was used to lessen discomfort and cramping and to support digestive system function.

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Traditionally, the Chinese considered healthy digestion and elimination important for physical and mental well-being. For additional support in cleansing, use this tea along with Triple Leaf Detox Tea. From the Manufacturer Herbal dietary supplement. Herbal tea.

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All natural. Gentle, effective relief. Herbal stimulant laxative.

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Digestive system tea. Promotes detoxification.

Ancient Chinese medicinals. The herbs in this traditional Chinese formula help promote regularity and provide gentle, effective overnight relief. These herbs were used to help support digestive system function and to promote the body's normal process of detoxification.

Licorice root, white mulberry, dandelion and fo-ti were used to help support healthy liver function, promote normal detoxification, build the chi, or energy, and promote balance.

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Traditional Chinese medicine began in approximately B. Recently, here in the West, people have discovered the value of this ancient system which focuses on aiding the body's own healing mechanisms through restoring harmony and balance. The Chinese system of herbology has been recorded in ancient texts which are studied and employed even today.

This time tested knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation over the centuries. It is made in the U. The company owner can remember stories of his own grandfather selling herbs and teas in his village in China.

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Today, these organic great value detox herbal tea supplement Chinese herbal formulas are available to you. We wish you harmony and balance!

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We use oxygen bleached tea bags. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Made in U. Toggle navigation.