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Animal Groomer Job in Qatar, Doha

Job ID: 49425
Vizualizari Job: 279
Locatie: Nicosia, , Cyprus
Cod Postal:
Categorie Job: Medicina Umana-Veterinara-Stomatologie
Tip Loc de munca: Full time
Postat: 2019-02-10

Descriere Job

 Animal Groomer Job in Qatar, Doha (Modern Vet Clinic)

Animal Groomer Job in Qatar, Doha – is great opportunity to get international professional experience in unique location. 
The Vet Clinic is set at very central location, very close to one of the most famous and the oldest shopping malls in Qatar. Clinic provides different services to clients like: Vet consultancy, Treatment and surgeries; Vet pharmacy; Pet hotel; Pet day care and many others.
With whom you will work:
Every employees of the clinic are social, interactive, kind, communicative and cooperating persons with the necessary qualifications. 
Maintain or enhance appearances of pets, like cats and dogs;
Bath, shampoo, dry, clip, trim and brush cats and dogs according to their breed,
Feed the animals and train pets to exercise;
Employer’s core values:
Benefits and allowances:
Salary - $1075 + package including:
Free ticket to Doha and return (for annual leave)
Vacation (3 weeks paid leave annually + National & general holidays
in Qatar)
4-5 years contract
Top skills required:
Have groomed show dogs or cats before
Must be good with using grooming equipment
Minimum one year of work experience as an animal groomer
Physically fit with no disabilities as the job may require visiting animals at farms, barns or kennels etc.
Must be able to speak well in English
Nice to have:
Kind and compassionate with animals
Ready to work in a team.
Is willing to undertake job training or Vocational courses
Tolerant and kind to all races, religion, gender.
Has no anger management issues or aggression issues.
Good communication skills.

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