Cheating: 12 ways to spot a cheat

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    Worried your man may be straying?

    Here, with the help of relationship experts, we reveal the tell-tale signs. Your man is more likely to cheat if Know the signs: Certain men are more likely to be unfaithful according to relationship experts 1.

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    You earn more than him It will dent his ego, but could also harm your ­relationship if you are one of the 2. A study suggested men who are ­dependent on their female partners for income ductal papilloma types five times more likely to cheat than those who contributed equally.

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    Hard worker? Those long days in the office could actually mean he's having an affair posed by models 4. His father or brother has had an affair Scientists have ­uncovered a genetic link to infidelity.

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    Two years ago, a study at the Karolinska ­Institute, in Stockholm, showed men who inherit a genetic variant that affects an important attachment ­hormone called vasopressin, are more likely to have weaker relationships and marital problems, and less likely to be married.

    He's been married before but you haven't A paper published in the European Journal of Operational Research in tracked 1, couples who were either married or in serious relationships over five years.

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    Researchers found a ­previous divorce ­lessened the chances of a relationship surviving, although this was less marked when both partners had been divorced before. He's sex-obsessed One third of 1, men questioned admitted to viewing online pornography.

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    According to Julia Cole, men who use internet porn on a ­regular basis 1 day detox pills more likely to be unfaithful, as the habit can produce a deadening effect on emotions that can hurt ­relationships.